Not just for the Reds but all of MLB. These are my guesses what are yours?

Reds Deal: Carlos Guevara & Scott Hatteberg

Rangers Deal: Taylor Teagarden

Reds Deal: Ryan Freel

Braves Deal: JoJo Reyes

Rays Deal: Rocco Baldelli

Twins Deal: Scott Baker + a mid level pitching prospect

Marlins Deal: Miguel Cabrera (sign to a 4 yr deal)

LA Angels Deal: Nick Adenhart, Brandon Wood, Macier Itzuris, Jose Arredondo

Dodgers Sign Alex Rodriguez to an 8 yr 250 Million dollar deal

Mets Sign Carlos Silva to a 4 yr 45 million dollar deal

Houston Astros Sign Francisco Cordero to a 4 yr 50 million dollar deal

Rockies sign Corey Patterson to a 3 yr deal

SD Padres sign Andruw Jones to a ??? deal

White Sox sign Torii Hunter to a 5 yr 80 million dollar deal

Rangers Sign Aaron Rowand to a 5 yr 75 million dollar deal