Getting down towards the end of the season -- lots of things are still up in the air.

LSU is #1, but still has the SEC Championship game to contend with.

Oregon has 2 straight road games (albeit against very beatable opponents).

Kansas is undefeated, but has to deal with #6 Missouri, PLUS a possible matchup with #3 Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship. Can anyone honestly justify keeping the Jayhawks out of the NC game if they have two wins against two Top-5 BCS opponents? For that matter, should the winner of the Big 12 automatically be penciled in for the title game?

Finally, what of the Hawaii Warriors? They're undefeated, but have played a schedule that's so soft it has been termed quad-ply. Can a team that doesn't beat a single BCS-conference team (their best win would be over Boise State) make a BCS Bowl? Even if they are undefeated?

Will UC make a BCS bowl? Will Michigan win the Big 10 and head to the Rose bowl even after losing to a 1AA program to open the year?

Make your predictions about the most hated system in sports here!