I know this will not be a popular idea to most of you, but I wonder if it might be wise to stand pat this offseason and see what happens going into the all-star break. Hear me out here, if we make no moves we may not compete this year, but I think even with some desperate moves it's still a coin toss as to whether they
will work out especially with pitching. What if we saved our money and touted prospects and waited for next years FA class of pitchers which looks much deeper. Dunn will be need to be signed to a LTC of course for this to pan out, but I just don't like the idea of trading away young cheap talent for pitchers that are and will continue to get more and more expensive. Say we trade Votto, and Hamilton for a pitcher like Garza and he blows his arm out, that would be devistating at this point. I say if we are going to make any moves this year lets get rid of some older players and maybe get less in return than a Garza, Cain type and continue to get younger and shave the payroll to where we can sign a monster free agent or two next year when there is more to choose from. We've waited this long, and if the FO came out and told the fans that this was there plan then I think I could stomach it as long as they followed through. Just a thought.