C Trent -

From the Krivdawg: "I’ve made a lot of calls today, talked to several teams, some in person, some on the phone. I’m just trying to improve the team and help out the pitching. I’m open to discussions in any way, shape or form that makes us a better team."

"It’s still evolving. Things can change if a team can make a move and it opens up another spot and all of a sudden you’ve got someone you didn’t anticipate talking to and they make a deal and it opens up and you start discussions fresh because of free agents that have been signed or lost."

"I think we’ve built up some depth with your position players, in general. Our depth in prospects has really improved the last few years. I feel good about where we are, overall. We have to address the starting pitching, and that’s themain focus right now."
With that said I would think that the Reds are looking at pitching through a trade and could somehow get involved with the "Big Targets" of Johan Santana, Danny Haran, Erik Bedard, Scott Kazmir, and Dontrelle Willis. Or could go for the "Not So Mentioned" crew of Joe Blanton, Daniel Cabrera, Zach Grienke, Mark Prior, Edwin Jackson, Rich Harden, Ervin Santana, and Chris Capuano