I saw this thread recently on ORG, and decided it was a good idea to have a similar thread on The Sun Deck. The Winter Meetings will start in two days, and this thread is for members to suggest what they would like the Reds to do or to report news about moves the Reds have made during their winter meetings.

It is obvious that the Reds need starting pitching. I think the Reds should attempt to sign a #3/#4 through free agency and sign him to a 1 or 2 year deal. I would also seek to acquire a #1/#2 in a trade if I could, as long as we don't drain the farm system too much. Determining if you could re-sign Dunn to a LTC would seem to be a priority, especially if you are considering moving Hamilton in a trade.

Once we had acquired the necessary starting pitching, I would then seek to sign all the young cheap players we have left to 6 year deals like the Indians used to do. It would keep them cheap for a while, and it would give the Reds time to grow into a intermediate organization which can afford to properly reward good players.