Wondering if anyone watches the Big Break on the Golf Channel? And if yes, did you notice that former Big Breaker, Tommy "Two Gloves" Gainey made it through the final stage of qualifying today and earned a tour card?

For anyone who hasn't seen a show it is a golf reality show where players compete for a chance to play in a pro tournament. There have been Nationwide Tour, European Tour, PGA Tour and LPGA Tour exemptions handed out on the series.

"Two Gloves" is a guy from South Carolina who appeared on the series twice (once on a reunion show) and has his nickname because he wears two gloves while playing every shot. He is quite the character and a heckuva player. I'm so excited that he has made the PGA Tour on a full time basis. I'll be cheering for him.

So anyone else have any clue what I am talking about?

Feel free to post any other golf thoughts here as well.