For all those who follow Buckeye recruiting, what are the chances that Terrelle Pryor lands in Columbus? Craig Haubert from ESPN said in chat today that he'd be surprised if Pryor winds up anywhere but Ohio State and that if he does, it would oput OSU potentially in the top 2 in overall class. But with Florida in the mix, you never know.

Considering OSU rarely gets consideration from elite QBs, this could be HUGE for the program to land the top QB in the country. I think Troy Smith's success probably had a big role in Pryor considering Ohio State.

It's nice to see they've done so well at retooling their offensive line. Plucking Brewster out of Orlando is a nice win for Tressel, as was getting Shugarts out of Texas. And keeping Mike Adams in Columbus was also very nice.

Pryor would round out the class quite nicely. Otherwise, it's still a very typical Tressel class - only a couple of 5 starts, but really loading up on the 4 star.

I've gotta think, though, if Pryor committs to Ohio State, Antonio Henton will likely transfer. I really have no idea if the coaches area s high onhim now as they were when he was recruited, but I've gotta think his arrest hasn't helped matters.