Maybe "Lost" isn't the right word but Christmas movies or shows that you don't ever see or very little on TV anymore. A couple come to mind for me. I have them on VHS and glad I do.
The first one is "The Homecoming". It was the forerunner of the TV series, The Waltons. Patricia O'Neal and Richard Thomas were the stars of this one. My parents always said it was exactly the way they grew up in the depression being a part of a large family like the Waltons were.
Another one is "A House without a Christmas Tree". Jason Robards is in this one. When I was younger I didn't like it because I thought the little girl was a brat. But I watched it for the first time in long time a couple of years ago and really liked it. They also made a Thanksgiving show with the same cast and it was very good too.
Also you don't see Holiday Inn or Christmas in Connecticut much anymore. They are older movies but nice to watch.
You got any favorites that you just don't see much anymore?