Most of the time it doesn't bother me that I can't respond to a message on the ORG but every once in a while it really pi***** me off. I'm not an ego maniac so I don't have a simple problem of being excluded. Rather, it's because there are folks on the ORG that obviously have no clue what they are saying and often times it gets personal. When I read comments about how this player or that player is cry baby or arrogant (insert your own negative adjective) it makes my blood boil; whether its a player I know or one I don't.

This may not be allowed but I'm bringing over the ORG topic of the Rolen/LaRussa feud to the Sun Deck; if for no other reason than to set the record straight on Scott Rolen. I'm fortunate to have spent a number of years involved with an amatuer baseball organization in Indiana that Scott Rolen played in (very first class) and has remained supportive with in a number of ways. As a result of being involved in that organization I've also been fortunate to have met and talked with him on a number of occasions over the years. Scott Rolen is not, as suggested by a couple folks on ORG, arrogant by any measure or definition. He is a quiet unassuming guy who always has time for the people around him. He is fun loving, generous and enjoys sharing his time with his friends. To this day, his high school friends are still some of his best friends. He is one of the hardest working and most humble athletes in the game. He is also amazingly competitive so I'm not surprised that he'd take exception to someone questionning his heart has it appears LaRussa has. There is absolutely no question in my mind that if Scott Rolen didn't play because he said he was hurt, then he was hurt and couldn't play because you'd need platoon of Marines to get him off the field otherwise. He is also very generous and in fact has set up the Enus Furly Foundation which supports several charitable causes including Camp Emma Lou; a camp for kids with special needs and/or serious health problems. If you care to learn more about Scotts efforts with kids like these here is the link to his foundation's website:

There, its off my chest now I can go back to work.