I got the idea for this reading the "How untouchable is Jay Bruce" thread.

Bailey or Cueto? Which is the better prospect? If you go by the numbers, IMO, it HAS to be Cueto. Bailey has the hype, Cueto the results.

The one thing Cueto really has over Bailey is control. Sick ridiculous control based on the numbers. His BB/9 improves at every level it seems. His H/9 and his K/9 are just a tick, the merest of ticks below Baileys, but his BB/9 is half of what baileys is (Cueto 2.12, Bailey 4.23 in the minors)

Cueto also pitched a lot more innings than Bailey did this year. Including winter ball, Cueto ended up with over 180 IP. Bailey due to injury ended up with just over 120 IP, with 45 of those with the Reds.

They are three months apart in age. Both will be 22 in 2008, Cueto in Feb., Bailey in May.

Based on last years numbers and development, who is more ready? to pitch for the Reds in 2008. Assume for the sake of argument that one of them HAS to be in the rotation. Do not think like you are a member of the Reds coaching staff. Think like an outside consultant.