The thing that really ticks me off about all this Mitchell Report stuff is that to a man (outside of Giambi) everybody has denied doing what the Mitchell report says. I'll use Clemens as an example.

His attorney says that his reputation is shattered and there's nothing he can do to restore it. I'll tell you what you could have done. You could have cooperated with the Mitchell Report! That was your chance to defend yourself, Roger. You opted not to, so don't moan about fairness now.

Hal Morris said he bought the steroids but didn't use them himself.

We already know of Bonds' and Palmiero's denials.

The bottomline is this: I don't buy any player's denials unless they cooperated with the investigation. If you refused to talk to Sen Mitchell, I don't want to hear from you now. If you are innocent why not cooperate fully?

This all reminds me of Pete Rose and the Dowd report. I'm disappointed that lying is common amongst ballplayers and Pete's the rule not the exception.