I'm going with Rosales even though I think he's actually about the 10th best prospect in the organization and should have been picked long ago. That means no votes this round for Evan Hildenbrandt, which is a shame. I don't see why his not pitching minor league baseball this summer would keep him from getting votes. It doesn't affect his upside one bit. Why when other guys play only a little bit and come in looking worse than their projection does that not hurt them more--Mesoraco, for instance? I don't say this as a knock on Mesoraco, whom I like. I just think we sometimes put an absurd amount of weight on a very low number of appearances in rookie ball. I'll say it again. Take a look at the Hildenbrandt video. You've got a guy with a great frame, throws an easy low 90's with one of the simplest, most rhythmical motions you'll ever see. This is as an 18 year old.