Well, I started on the bobblehead craze back when they first started handing them out as SGA's (Stadium Give Away's) at Riverfront back in what 2001 or so. I got each one of them each time they came out and the only exception was one time I got sick during the Tony Perez one, but I was able to pick that up at a Moeller Card Show. But this year was different. As many noticed I wasn't on the boards that much throughout the season and except for attended one game during the first month of the season, well I was gone for the majority of the baseball season taking care of some medical issues. But that is a whole other story. So of course, I missed the Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, the duel Marty & Thom Brennaman, and Frank Robinson. But here recently, due to a new job, and my first couple of paychecks, I was able to obtain all four of them.

But now I ask this. I know that other ballclubs give them away as well and I know that Minor League affiliates do the same. Like I have from the Columbus Clippers two bobbleheads, one of Sparky Anderson in a Reds uniform and jacket, and then another of Tom Seaver in his Reds uniform pitching. I also have some from the Louisville Bats as well. From them I was able to get Adam Dunn, Deion Sanders, Austin Kearns, and Brandon Larson. I know that there is one of Dave Miley floating around out there I just haven't been able to locate one yet.

Well I was thinking that maybe some of you all could help me in this quest. Not only locating some of them, but also helping me obtain a list or at least point me in the right direction of one (ie a website ro something similar to one) of the bobbleheads given away at the stadiums for the Reds Minor League affiliates (Louisville, possibly even Indianapolis, Chattanooga, Dayton, Billings, and I guess even Columbus) and then any other ones, in the majors or minors that have given one away that was Reds related, whether it was something similar to the Columbus Clippers giving away a Tom Seaver one in his Reds uniform, or the Bats giving away an Adam Dunn one or I would even be looking for something like former Reds where the Marlins would give away one for Ryan Dempster or even the Cubs would give one away for him. Or any major or minor league club. Even a Frontier League. I think I forgot to mention that. I do have the Tom Browning one as well. Is that the only one they have given away. So basically, any list will be great. The only one that I do NOT want a list for is the ones that the Cincinnati Reds big league club has given away. Any others that even have the slightest Reds connection, well let's hear it, this will not only help me and one of my hobbies (I know, it may be a little compulsive, but hey that's me, take it or leave it) but it also may be a little fun and interesting to see all of these!!!

So let's go!!