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One thought here on Herrera. The Red's pen has potential to have a lot of hard throwers down the road. Cordero, Burton, Pelland, Roenicke, maybe one of the starter trio of Cueto, Bailey or Volquez may see time in the pen and even Coffey all live off the hard stuff. A soft tossing lefty with a trick pitch might be just the kind of different look that can keep hitters off balance and make all the others even more effective.

Good bullpens are built with good pitchers first and foremost, but how the pieces fit together and compliment each other is a factor in their effectiveness. Herrera could be just the guy to mess with the opposition's timing ahead of the hard throwers. I have to think its a factor in why WK would have wanted him ahead of any number of low level prospects that could have been the throw-in in this deal.
Very savvy commentary, mth.