Hats off to Wayne for a great off season.

That being said, and all that it implies....Still I wonder.

What's Dusty going to do with these kids on his hands? Will he depend on them too much, ride 'em too hard until they're gassed when the season's down to the wire, or injured?

I thank the Baseball gods for Harang and Arroyo. Maybe they will ease his mind a bit with their 200 innings each. Maybe Wayne will get another arm for the pen, further easing the load on the young and bedraggled. Maybe Belisle will wind up on the brighter side of the luck spectrom, allowing him to pitch deeper into ballgames.

I think the real tonic for this potential pitfall will be to pick up a second tier innings eater. Veterans are better able to handle a challenging workload, while keeping Dusty's mind at bay a bit.

Is there any other way to protect the youngsters from Dusty?

An upper management mandate, perhaps?

I'd love to see Wayne draw a line in the sand on this one.