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While some of this is true (I could take issue with some points, especially #2 and #4), he needs to produce on the field. Last year's team was an abomination. This year's team better show a significant amount of improvement or I think he is gone.
What do you consider significant improvement? I think this is a very would be better in the books however the third place finish would probably bsubjective viewpoint. Lets assume that the reds trade Bailey, Votto, etc. for Bedard but finish second. Another assumption is that the reds stand pat, go with a rotation of Harang, Arroyo, Bailey, Volquez, and Belisle. The reds struggle early but both Bailey and Votto come on late in the season and show a significant amount of promise in the second half of the season. The second place finish would be better for the orginazation as a whole.