I noticed that Derrick Lutz was starting to get some support in the prospect poll and I was wondering if anyone has any more info on him. Looking at his stats, I see a guy who has good but not great numbers across the board. I suppose not screwing up is a good thing at this point. OTOH, I don't really see anything that stands out with the possible exception of his HR/9, and that might be a good thing for GABP, but Low A and a good pitching environment like Sarasota make his stats ring a little hollow IMO. The 23 saves last season don't really impress me without some other info to verify their legitimacy. I'm not sure what to make of Lutz based on stats alone and I was wondering if anyone had any type of scouting report on him. What does he throw? How fast is his fastball? Does he have movement? Any info is appreciated.