Nothing in this interview worries me. In fact, the opposite is true: I am encouraged by it. First of all, it's a public interview and Marvin isn't going to name names or comment on their specific future plans. He can only give us a general view. He seems to be saying that the team has some talent and that he's used this losing season to determine which of these guys will go into battle with him and which ones are spending too much time worrying about their (real or imagined) personal problems. He's not going to say who and it's unrealistic to expect him to do so.

As far as the draft goes, I think Marvin's drafts have been exceptional. Palmer, J. Johnson, Geathers, C. Perry, M. Williams, L. Johnson, Fanene, Henry, Ghiachiuc, T. Perry, Pollock, Thurman, Brooks, Peko, Whitworth, Joseph, Jeanty, Hall, Irons. Every one of these guys is a solid performer when healthy. Sure, I might have picked another guy instead of one or two of them, but the guys he picked perform. That's all you can ask from the draft. His skill in predicting injury and/or personal problems leaves something to be desired, but I think that drafting 'character' guys is something Marvin added to his most recent draft. I chalk that up as a lesson learned. I'm actually a little excited to see what Marvin can do with his best draft position to date...even if it's not the best draft class.

In the end, I still trust Marvin to build a winner. He brought in more talent and weeded out some cancerous guys, but it didn't gel. Now he's going to get rid of the chaff and see if he can make bread with what is left and some new additions. Heck, if Odell comes back and Brooks and Irons are healthy it'll be like having two draft classes.