I was looking for Reds news and this caught my eye.

Some of the brightest baseball stars to emerge from South Hampton Roads have returned home with a proposal that could help aspiring athletes follow in their footsteps.

Major League Baseball players Michael Cuddyer, B.J. Upton and his younger brother Justin, and Tim Hummel have joined forces under the company 7 Cities Enterprises and are in negotiations with officials from two local cities to build a baseball clinic and separate sports therapy center.

The players hope to acquire taxpayer-owned land in either Virginia Beach or Chesapeake to build their facilities, which could draw young athletes from the region and across the country.

The group wants to open up a clinic where baseball players with dreams of going pro can train and pump up their game.

The sports therapy facility would be geared toward promising baseball, basketball and football players who need conditioning or help improving their agility.

Several of the 7 Cities partners are standouts from Chesapeake. Cuddyer is an outfielder for the Minnesota Twins. B.J. Upton plays for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Justin Upton is a right-fielder with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hummel played for the Cincinnati Reds before retiring. Local sports trainer Michael Hutchinson Call is also on the team.