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As long as Mike Brown is in charge the Bengals could have the first nine picks in the draft and it wouldn't matter.
Yep. If a franchise QB who's finished in the top 5 the last 3-4 years can't help them get over the proverbial hump, nothing will outside of significant operational/business model changes.

The Bengals' are hopeless. I have friends who go to games as season ticket holders, yet every year they try to literally give away tickets to crappy games in crappy weather and can't find takers.

But like Mike Brown, a man who never changes, they are still stupid enough to re-up on their tickets every year, and then complain about how lame the actual games are.

Whatever, I quit going after 2005 and never plan on going back unless they do the following:

Add at least 4-5 more full-time scouts

Add a personnel GM from outside of their current management staff who has a track record of success

Build an indoor practice facility

Change their idiotic salary cap allotment model that only pays RB's, WR's, QB's and OT's with hardly any flexibility. Recently, they've paid DE's as well. Outside of those positions, they typically let every player go who's any good once their first contact is up (Steinbach and Goff are two recent examples, you could throw in Spikes regardless of his reasons, Sam Shade, others).

Fire Paul Alexander (he's AWFUL and never receives criticism) and any other coach who's been around here that long.