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Since im new to this forum, and this thread is allready wrecked, lets start over...

Keys to a good minor league system......

1. Excellent Player evaluation
2. Strong Latin American/Pacific Rim influence
3. Knowledgable player management
4. Finicial flexability and the freedom to use it
5. Developing specific postions of strength in the minors
6. GM that brings in high upside players at low A instead of lowe ceiling more advanced guys
7. Willingness to trade from a postion of strength to further stock weak minor postions
8. Luck
9. The ability to develope major leaguer's from your late draft picks?

Also, to add on to #7, another thing you can do with a strong farm system is use it to trade for pieces with the big league club. If your franchise has the money, sometimes the best thing to do with your minor league system is use it as a resource to buy the best players off small market teams...