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I don't agree that Adam Rosales will play at 1B or stay at AA. Rosales bat becomes a real plus at 3B as opposed to somewhat pedestrian at 1B. He started out as a SS and can probably handle 3B defensively. He was only biding time at 1B to take stress off of an injured arm that required the 2007 season to heal. Finally, if the Reds intend for Rosales to play 1B in 2008, they sure don't act like it. Rosales was playing other spots in Arizona and since the end of the year the Reds re-signed Tonys Guttierrez who looks slotted for AA 1B and Jeremiah Piepkorn looks like he may be ready to jump to AA as well. At AAA the Reds signed Andy Phillips and Kevin Barker both 1B. It's possible that Rosales plays 3B in AA I guess since we probably agree that it won't be Frazier. But, Rosales is 25 in May, and went .278/.377/.549/.926 in 297 AA PA in 2007. That looks like a guy ready to move up to me and there really isn't anyone to play 3B at AAA as currently situated unless Jerry Gil plays there. I like Rosales quite a bit as a prospect and think he could be a plus player in a Freel type role.

Good discussion.
After reading your informed take on Rosales' time at 1B, I have changed my perception of Rosales' position switch to 1b being a somewhat permanent one.
The Reds organization does need more viable 1B prospects - after Votto, who is there?
Rosales would project well as a utilityman.

Your chart was thoughtfully put together and obviously interesting to read and think about. I appreciate the time you put into it.