I don't know too much about the Reds minor league system. Especially since I am a Mariners fan. I do however know about Justin Turner. I have gotten to watch him play for a long time. Everybody all ways talks about the 5 tools, but "Red" has some intangibles that don't show up on a scouting sheet.

First off he is a tough kid. I have seen him go full speed into 1st basemen that have 40-50 lbs and 3-6 inches on him. And, he keeps coming back. And don't forget that fastball off his dish he took in the CWS. Even after that he came back the next year and was unphased. I would have wet my pants for the 1000 pitches I saw after that.

Secondly he is smart. His baseball savy is off the charts.

Finally, he is a winner. I have never seen him play on a loser. He won in Little League, he won in Pony League, he won High School, he won a Connie Mack WS, and he went to the CWS 3 out of 4 years at CSUF.

Like I said, I am a Mariners fan and if I were the GM of that team I would give you Adam Jones right now for Turner.

What he would bring to the club house alone would be worth it.