1) Those horrible Carl's Jr commercials

2) People with umbrellas who hog the space under eaves when its raining.

3) Group projects -- can I just do my work without involving two stoned 19-year-olds.

4) Peyton Manning -- not your fault Peyton, but go away all ready.

5) Speaking of the NFL: Why do color commentators feel the need mythologize the team that's up in the second half during the playoffs.? "When you think about where this Bucanneer team has been, blah, blah, blah." I've seen this happen only to have the other team take the lead. Then we get "dramatic struggle 2.0".

6) TV promos. I understand commercials that pay the bills for what I'm watching but why do I have to watch endless promos for "The Sarah Conner Chronicles" or "One Tree Hill"?

7) Chow Fun: Stop making me order you. I love you to death and then you make me sick. Why can't I quit you, chow fun?

8) The N-freakin-Judah, my daily train that never runs on time, smells bad and breaks down nearly every day.