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You mean the usual interview where Marvin is a arrogant jerk to the media? The guy is finally getting heat and he can't accept this junk of a team is his fault. Now he is mouthing about not enough scouts and blaming Chad.
As the head coach Marvin should get the heat. Marvin has issues on this team that he, as the head coach, needs to address. No argument there. But it was also Marvin Lewis who came into this organization, cleaned house, and brought some respectability back to this franchise. And he got credit, from the fans and the media, for identifying those and correcting them.

He needs to do it again. And if he can't then he'll be replaced.

I just find it funny that Marvin should be called out for being an arrogant jerk to the media; but when it comes to CJ's antics, emotional outbursts, and confrontational attitude, which IMO includes being a jerk at times, those are to be tolerated, ignored, and somehow justified.

Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown may be problems too. But that still doesn't justify Chad's antics and behavior IMO.

You read about the lack of work ethic from certain players and that is WAY more of a problem than Chad Johnson. Everyone knows that Chad works at his craft like Jerry Rice did.
No one who has been critical of Chad has ever denied his work ethic or his immense talent. So because he does these things people are to ignore the other? That somehow justifies them?

Ok. So he's an immensely talented, workaholic, who also happens to be a selfish jerk.

So.... It's the guy's passion that drives him to go after his QB and head coach on those sidelines, cause confrontations and stir things up on occasion in that clubhouse, or also say controversial things that are hurtful to this franchise and the other players through the media.... because he's the only one who really cares about winning, and the rest of these bozos just don't get it?

Chad Johnson... a true starving, and yet misunderstood, artist. This team not only doesn't recognize his true talent, his passion, but also doesn't deserve him. He's so misunderstood.

Not buying it.

Would you be willing to say those very same things about other talented players around the league who have been singled out as jerks and grade A selfish players who are only concerned about themselves.... yet immensely talented.