Reports are that Kyle Lohse is bringing down his contract demands, maybe to 9 a year for 4 years. I wonder if anybody thinks a $36 million for four years for Lohse would be worth while for the Reds. According to Dougdirt's stats posted a while back on the site, Lohse was almost a perfect league average #3 last year. He'd strengthen the rotation for 2008 and give us some time to evaluate Bailey, Cueto, Maloney, Volquez (and any others). If the young uns get good enough by 2009 or 2010, Lohse could be moved. If they get really good, Lohse could provide insurance while we move Arroyo. He'd also open up the possibility of a move of Belisle. 2008: Harang, Arroyo, Lohse, Belisle, one of Bailey, Volquez, Cueto, Maloney etc. (or more if they prove up to the task). Best possible scenario for 2009: Harang, Bailey, Cueto, Volquez, Maloney, with Lohse, Arroyo, and Belisle all available to be moved. It's likely that wouldn't quite be possible, but we might well be able to move 1 or 2 of those 3.