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Adam Dunn	 1.47
Jerry Hairston	 1.15
Jay Bruce	 0.87
Edwin Encarnaci	 0.71
Joey Votto	 0.57
Brandon Phillips 0.25
Andy Phillips	 0.11
Jolbert Cabrera	 0.10
Ryan Freel	 0.10
Scott Hatteberg	 0.06
Paul Janish	 0.05

Jeff Keppinger	 -0.04
Juan Castro	 -0.13 
Dave Ross	 -0.14 
Norris Hopper	 -0.36 
Javier Valentin	 -0.39 
Ken Griffey Jr.	 -0.39 
Paul Bako	 -0.65 
Corey Patterson	 -1.64
Interesting numbers. I'm not real up on the current thinking on WPA. At first glance it kind of reinforces what I've already believed. This team has (if it keeps Dunn) most of the pieces in place and simply needs to limit the playing time of the players who drag it down. As this list shows, this year those guys are Patterson, Griffey and the catchers. I'm a little surprised at the numbers for Keppinger (I thougt it would be higher) and Janish (I thought it would be lower).

Griffey's numbers are interesting. He has been better lately. My theory is that the DH stint on the AL trip rejuvinated his legs a bit which is showing up as better range and increased power. I wonder if it will last now that he is back out in the field (I'm guessing it just takes too much out of his legs which has been the source of his success on both offense and defense IMO). I'd think based on the recent results that Griffey could do well as a DH for a couple more years. If he could DH, by season's end he may be near the top of this list. I hope he and any potential AL trading partners realize that.

Some questions for the stat gurus. Is the stat accepted as valid? Does defense factor in? Does anyone have the numbers for pitchers this year?