When you're 97 years old you should probably be spending whatever limited amount of time you have left doing the things you love to do. Like playing shuffleboard, or watching Matlock. If you're John Wooden, that probably means spending some time around UCLA and its men's basketball team.

Unfortunately for the legendary Wooden, the NCAA, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that Wooden is the greatest threat to this country's youth (even more than bears). As the L.A. Times reports, the NCAA is after him.

Just before the start of this college basketball season, UCLA received a letter of inquiry from the NCAA, seeking information about possible illegal contact between a recruit and a person representing the interests of the university.

The recruit was Kevin Love, now the Bruins' star freshman center.

The person representing the interests of the university was John Wooden.

The NCAA has not disclosed who made the complaint.

Are you kidding me? The NCAA has decided to go after the man that helped make the game relevant in the first place? Did Congress subpoena Babe Ruth today as well for their steroid hearings?

The problem the NCAA has with Wooden stems from the fact that Wooden had contact with Love before he committed to UCLA. The coach even had dinner with the family. Of course, since he's still a paid employee of UCLA, Wooden's visit with Love would seem to be entirely legal.

So I really don't think this inquiry is ever going to get anywhere, but the idea that it even exists just blows my mind.

He's 97-years old! Leave the man alone.

What's he going to do? Give recruits tips on where all the good early bird specials are around campus?