What is your least favorite rule in sports?

I've been studying the Rules of Golf for my PGA testing, and it just reconfirmed my detest for the out-of-bounds rule. I think it's an unfair rule and I'm actually thinking about writing a letter to the USGA about it (which I know won't do any good). Here are the reasons why I have such a distaste for the rule:

1) It slows down play - If you didn't know there was out-of-bounds and you find your ball out you have to go all the way back to the previous spot you played from.

2) It's more penal than whiffing the ball - You could literally whiff the ball, but are penalized less than if you hit the ball 340 yards and are out-of-bounds by a foot. Not fair.

3) It's more penal than hitting the ball into the middle of a lake - You can blast your ball in the lake, lose the ball, but you get to drop your ball where it last crossed. Yet, when you hit one out-of-bounds by a foot and find your ball, you have to go all the way back to where you last played. Ridiculous.

4) It goes against how the game was meant to be played - I grew up hearing "play the ball as it lies". Yet, with so many developments around courses this often is not the case. I don't have a huge problem with out-of-bounds bordering a course, but I can't stand in-course out-of-bounds.

Out-of-bounds is a not a fair rule and it slows down play. Two very bad combinations. There is a simple rule, one already in place, that would cure this outdated rule:

I would like to see all out-of-bounds treated the same way as "environmentally sensitive areas". Some of you may have played courses that have these areas. They're marked by red stakes with a green top. What they mean is you treat them like a normal lateral water hazard without the option of playing the ball as it lies. You cannot play out of these areas. It's a great rule to protect the environment and golfers in certain situations. And the rule is fair.

I believe the out-of-bounds rule should be played exactly the same way as environmentally sensitive areas. If you ball is out you take a drop 2 club lengths away from where it last crossed. It's fair and it would speed up play. It would also make the game more natural and fun, IMO.

Other rules I don't like:

1) The clock stopping after first downs in college football. Do the games really need to be 4 hours long?
2) The ground rule double rule with runners on. I think umpires need to be more lenient letting the runners score because many times they have stop at third when they easily would've scored.
3) Calling timeout while flying through the air. I believe this rule has been changed but I always thought it was ridiculous.
4) The 10-yard holding penalty in football. I think it should be 5 yards. 10 yards is pretty harsh since the refs could probably call holding on every play in football. 10 yards decimates a drive.
5) The new fad of icing the kicker at the last second. They need to set a rule in place that you can't call a timeout once everyone lines up or something along those lines.