If history has anything to do with itself, we have to stop being so optimistic and think about what could possibly happen. I know there is a new manager in town and we all should give him a chance before throwing him to the lions. What better time than now than to set myself up for a nice plate of crow?

I mean, after all the constant neglect to utilize talent where it would most benefit the team, we should have learned a lesson by now. There is no way you can tell me that Boone, Miley, and Narron all had some flaw in their brain that made them inept to put a constructive lineup together. They all seemed to have an agreeable madness, and at what cost? Well, it cost them their job for starters. But even more than that, it costs Cincinnati fans their chance at seeing "championship baseball" (-Bob Castellini).

It starts right now folks. We have to start putting our guard up now and prepare ourselves for another journey through trialed times. If we don't prepare ourselves, we will find ourselves disappointed.

Here are a few things to expect:

* Opening Day lineup will whittle its way through the internet while many fans find themselves outraged at the ludicrous idea of starting Hatteberg over Votto.

* At some point during spring training, Dusty Baker will have the notion to try Griffey out in CF.

* Affeldt will be in the starting rotation. So will Volquez, Harang, Arroyo, and Belisle.

* Bailey will get his long after the All-Star break. He will put up similar numbers to Belisle's last year.

* Cueto won't even get a September callup.

* Votto will be traded due to lack of finding a spot for him to play. I see him going to the Braves.

* Hamilton will start in CF for the AL All-Star team, while Volquez will be a decent number 4.

* Sergio Valenzuela...who?

* Jared Burton will have all our hopes up, only to pull a Ryan Wagner on us.

* Coffey will come back very strong. Majewski and Bray will show us they are worthy as well.

* Injuries; Griffey, Arroyo, Freel, Gonzo, Votto, Belisle, Ross.

* Our lone All-Star will be Aaron Harang

* Jay Bruce will win the ROY.

* By season's end, we will really hate Dusty Baker and once again be calling for a new manager.

* Krivsky will be fired and Jocketty will slide right in.

* Jocketty will make a deadline deal and it will involve Dunn's departure for pitching.

* They will draft a SP in the first round.

* Dollar hot dogs? Oh yes, they are coming again.

Thatís about all I can stand for now. But with all that, we have to look at the bright side. Every single team in baseball will have its hard times as well. I am simply predicting them before they happen.

Anyhow, if all this were to happen, could we still contend?