I'm humbled to know that I've been selected to join the finest Reds forum of them all!!! I've long admired the posters of the Old Red Guard. I would love to name each of you individually here but that isn't really possible. Just know that I'm familiar with a great many of you and I'm very impressed by your knowledge and passion of the Reds and baseball in general.

Looking forward to making new friends and exchanging ideas in a fun and informative way. I'm going to do a lot of reading of all areas of Redszone now. Likely to begin posting later today.

Of course, I'd be remiss if I didn't also thank the Founders of Redszone: Boss and GIK. Thank You both for making all of this possible for very appreciative members like myself!!!

Thank You Again For Your Vote.
Best Wishes to You All,
Go Reds & Go Redszone!!!
Jerry/Vada Pinson Fan