Sounds good to me...I never even considered that. If anyone's good with graphics and wants to design a new logo that's smaller in file size (not necessarily dimensions, just the file size), go ahead

Thanks again for your help,'s much appreciated.


Originally posted by Aceking
Also, and this may be a small cut in bandwidth, but you might want to consider a new logo.

The one you have now is almost 50kb. I know that isn't all that big, but consider that it is on every page of your site. So evertime anyone looks at anything on your site that's 50kb just for the logo at the top. The logo in the top right of my site is only 16kb.

But on an average month, you gould serve as much as a 1GB or more just pushing through your logo.

Pretty crazy, eh?

I could try and optimize it a little in photoshop for you to bring the file size down if you like.