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Thread: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

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    Senor Votto Degenerate39's Avatar
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    Sep 2006

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Super Nintendo- Super Mario Brothers 3
    N64- Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball
    PS2- SOCOM
    PS3- currently Call of Duty 4
    Most Vottomatic Player

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    Baseball card addict MrCinatit's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    SimCity 4. Old game, but I still love it.
    MVP 2005. With the continual modifications, it continues to seem new. Classics Gold is remarkable.
    the Half Life series. The second is remarkable.
    The Thief series. Garret rocks.
    Bioshock. Yowzer.

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    Matt's Dad RANDY IN INDY's Avatar
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    Brownsburg, Indiana

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Tiger Woods PGA Tour
    Talent is God Given: be humble.
    Fame is man given: be thankful.
    Conceit is self given: be careful.

    John Wooden

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    First Time Caller SunDeck's Avatar
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    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    My parents wouldn't buy any video games after that first generation console.
    I may have missed out a big chunk of something but I did love that Pong.
    Next Reds manager, second shooter. --Confirmed on Redszone.

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    Make America Stupid Again RFS62's Avatar
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    New York

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Three minutes of hand cramping basketball warfare. The Atari 2600 graphics were primitive, but the game action on this one was awesome.

    Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?

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    This one's for you Edd Heath's Avatar
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    Dayton Area

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Quote Originally Posted by RFS62 View Post
    Three minutes of hand cramping basketball warfare. The Atari 2600 graphics were primitive, but the game action on this one was awesome.

    I'm impressed that you had color television, RFS.

    Don't forget Brick Out, Astroids, & the original Techmo Bowl with Bo Jackson and the Los Angeles Raiders.

    And another vote for Intellivision baseball. There's a whole row of handheld cheapie video games at Wal-Mart of the Plug and Play variety. I always look for Intellivision.
    Some people play baseball. Baseball plays Jay Bruce.

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    Man Pills
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    Dec 2000

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Missile Command
    SNES Castlevania (the first one I guess--I only ever owned one)--played the hell out of this in my dissertation year. A real anxiety release.

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    Member kbrake's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Twisted Metal 2

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    2009: Fail Ltlabner's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Oh yea, the zork text adventures on the C64 were pretty fun too.

    After last night's post I looked up the C64 games I mentioned and found emulators for them, and pictures of the graphics.

    I seem to remember the graphics beeing way, way, way cooler than that. Frankly, the clock radio in my car has better graphics than the C64 apparently had.
    a super volcano of ridonkulous suckitude.

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    Potential Lunch Winner Dom Heffner's Avatar
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    Tampa, FL

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    I would be lying if I said anything other than Tecmo Bowl.

    Holy cow, I could command that run and shoot offense of the Houston Oilers. Duncan, Jeffires, Givens, and Hill.

    I don't think a requirement of employment should be that you can never offend people. It's high time folks deal with being offended. It's another example of how we're becoming a bunch of wimps. - Person offended by NFL players not standing for national anthem.

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    GO REDS *BaseClogger*'s Avatar
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    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Wow I forgot about the original Halo on the Xbox. That was one sweet campaign mode. I wish they would have followed through with that movie they were gonna make...
    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Ray View Post
    I agree with everything here except the part about Trump promising to drain the swamp of rich elites. When did he say that? I think he's putting in rich guys with the idea that they can't be bought. I don't think he ever promised not to put in rich white guys.

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    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Here are my favs broken down by console.

    -Super Mario Brothers
    -Contra (I still remember he code to get 30 lives)
    -Super Mario Brothers 3
    -Bases Loaded 2

    -Super Mario World
    -Super Mario Kart
    -Super Return of the Jedi
    -NBA Jam

    -Resident Evil
    -Silent Hill
    -Soul Reaver

    -Mario Kart 64
    -Paper Mario

    Game Cube
    -Mario Kart Double Dash
    -Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

    -Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2004
    -Guitar Hero 2

    -Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
    -Super Mario Galaxy
    -MLB Power Pros

    These are my favs off the top of my head w/o going back through the catalogue.

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    Member Sabo Fan's Avatar
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    Sep 2001

    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    A Boy and his Blob for the NES. Hardest game ever.
    Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 and Deion Sanders Prime Time Football '95 for the Sega Genesis
    Any Spinter Cell games and MVP 2005 for the X-Box
    "It's still a long way to the top if we want to rock'n'roll, but at least they dumped the tuba player."

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    Member SteelSD's Avatar
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    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    The original Star Wars arcade game (wire-frame graphics) is quite easily my all-time favorite. After not playing it since my HS years, I found that Nintendo packed it into the Rebel Strike: Rogue Squadron III preview disc for the GameCube. Score!

    Others by system (only those I've owned):

    Odyssey2: Quest for the Rings
    N64: Conker's Bad Fur Day, Mario Kart 64
    GameBoy Advance: Breath of Fire, Advance Wars
    Nintendo DS: Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Hotel Dusk: Room 215
    Dreamcast: Shenmue, PowerStone
    Playstation 1: Wipeout XL, Spyro the Dragon
    Playstation 2: Guitar Hero II, God of War
    Playstation 3: Rock Band
    PC: Doom
    "The problem with strikeouts isn't that they hurt your team, it's that they hurt your feelings..." --Rob Neyer

    "The single most important thing for a hitter is to get a good pitch to hit. A good hitter can hit a pitch that’s over the plate three times better than a great hitter with a ball in a tough spot.”
    --Ted Williams

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    Re: Your Favorite Video Game of All Time

    Quote Originally Posted by Degenerate39 View Post
    PS3- currently Call of Duty 4
    I've never played it myself but my roommate has it, and he plays about 7 hours a day it seems. Game looks sick.

    RBI Baseball
    Techmo Super Bowl
    I played NCAA March Madness for about 2 straight years (no lie)

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