I have many long-term goals for this team. I feel that there are certain things this organization must do to capitalize on this abundance of young talent. This is a team that hasn't had much success recently with developing players, and they finally got some good young guys all the way to the majors without injury.

My Goals:
1. Lock up Dunn
This should be obdvious. He's the centerpiece of this team right now. He would be a middle of the order bat on any MLB team.

2. Continue the patience
The Reds have been patient in not rushing the youngsters so far. We have got to continue this. If that means another sub .500 season, then so be it. I don't want to do like the Cubs did, and risk the long-term future for one season.

3. Fill up the bench
We need a righty with some power off the bench. As a matter of fact, we need more than that. We also need more speed, because Freel's likely to get hurt at sometime next season.

4. Plan ahead
Don't wait until the last minute, and realize that we may lose Bailey, Bruce, or any of this young talent. Have backup plans if we do. If they are truely the future of this organization, we will find some way to keep them.

So with my goals being said, what are your long term goals?