I have a little formula that I use to gauge future projections of my own that I will tweak every now and again when the numbers don't really match up with what my brain thinks they will bare out to be. That said, I only did 4.25 bullpen guys. Weathers, Burton and Cordero are the only guys I feel are locks to make the bullpen out of ST, so I only did them. Jeremy Affeldt I picture making the #5 spot ahead of Bailey just because of the numbers game, but he will be pushed out of the rotation and into the bullpen in May. The other .5 is Johnny Cueto who I believe will get a few starts and spend some time in the bullpen late in the season.

Anyways, here are my projections for some of the Reds. Feel free to tell me I am an idiot if you want, but I will counter with why I am not.