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My guess is that the Nats have a hard time winning 70 games this year.
maybe, but I do see some good things going on there. First of all, Acta was a great hire, as was Larkin. Second they heavily invested in Latin America in 2007. Also, they went all in with kids and older rookies in 2007. I loved that move. Screw the Joe Mays of the world, give me the 28 year old that has finally seen some success at AAA. It might work, it might not. Getting Clippard was a steal IMO.

RFK was a hitters nightmare and you know JimBo loves him some offense. I'm betting the new stadium favors the hitters a bit. Kearns, Pena and Milledge could see nice offensive seasons. DY too. I'm not convinced Nick Johnson is anything more than a part time player anymore. The Nats will have some thump from the right side this year. Possibly more than anyone else in their division.

For them it all comes down to SP. I like the pen, I like the bench, I like the OF and the corner IF. 2B and SS is probably a little weak.

IMO JimBo fleeced both the Mets and the Yankees this offseason. For that alone he gets a small thumbs up.