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Bob Howsam, the architect of the Big Red Machine, has died.

Howsam was the Reds general manager from 1967 to 1978 and again from 1983-84. He also served at chief operating officer from 1973-78 and 1983-85.

Howsam, who retired to his native Colorado, was 89 years old.

He was responsible for building the team that won the 1975 and 76 World Series.
Howsam came to the Reds after a stint as GM of the St. Louis Cardinals.

He hired Sparky Anderson in 1970. In 1972, Howsam made the big trade with the Houston Astros, getting Joe Morgan, Jack Billingham and Cesar Geronimo three key components of the World Championship teams.

Howsam was elected to the Reds Hall of Fame in 2004.