Which would you rather have had?

We got Fogg at a very affordable 1 mil for one year. Fogg is durable but his upside is..well..let's just say he is what he is.

BoSox signed Colon to a minor league deal and he stands to make a little more than 1 mil should he make the club.

To me, Colon has much better stuff and has the potential to be a VERY good #2 or #3 should he stay healthy, which I do acknowledge is unlikely.

Josh Fogg is durable, as I said, but you know you're not getting much more than an average #4/#5 starter.

Personally, I'd have rather taken a flier on Colon and used a young 'un in his place should he fail to make the team or go down with an injury, although I do want to reiterate that I DO think the Fogg signing was a good one.