Teases the fans by supposedly making a big trade for Jones a DT from the Lions, then the NFL blocks it because of a salary cap issue?? what issue??? they were supposedly the 2nd most available money team going into free agency!! You mean Mike Brown the so-called genius didn't read the rule book?? GRRRR
THEN he ends up with the Cleveland Browns!!!!!!!

Either this team is jinxed till Brown sells or dies.. OR Mike Brown likes to tease the fans like he gives a darn!! when he really doesnt care what the fans want!!!

I pray the REDS win it all to get those tired of losing fans away from the bengals and buying reds tickets!! thats the ONLY way to send a message the Bengal fans are tired of this garbage!!

how can players on this team vision anything but losing again?? there is no focus on winning...

At least the Reds ownership has 2 GM's to help get the Reds back to being a World Series team.. Mike Brown can care less!!

Im just tired of seeing this city made out to be a laughing stock!!