7x7 10 team league. 5x5 stats +BB and K on offense and losses and HR allowed in pitching.

We start C-1B-2B-SS-3B- 3 OF-UTIL- MI

1. (4) David Wright 3B
2. (17) Carl Crawford OF
3. (24) Mark Teixeira 1B
4. (37) Manny Ramírez OF
5. (44) Chone Figgins 2B,3B,OF
6. (57) Troy Tulowitzki SS
7. (64) Nick Markakis OF
8. (77) Félix Hernández SP
9. (84) Matt Cain SP
10. (97) Todd Helton 1B
11. (104) Brett Myers SP,RP
12. (117) Hideki Matsui OF
13. (124) Dustin Pedroia 2B
14. (137) Matt Capps RP
15. (144) Joba Chamberlain RP
16. (157) Brian McCann C
17. (164) Dustin McGowan SP
18. (177) Jeremy Hermida OF
19. (184) Carlos Mármol RP
20. (197) C.J. Wilson RP
21. (204) Edwin Encarnación 3B
22. (217) Frank Thomas Util
23. (224) George Sherrill

Starting pitching and pitching in general dominated more in the early rounds than I thought it would. I stuck somewhat to my strategy and waited till the 8th round to take a pitcher and waited quite awhile to take a closer.

Offensively I believe my season hinges on Manny coming back and being a 35-110 guy.

I am light on starting pitching, but feel I can always pick up some guys to get me some wins throughout the year. of course, Joba could start 15 times in the second half and help there.

I may look to move Crawford for a stud SP and OFer.

Anyway, let me know what you think and what you'd do to improve my pitching.