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I'm convinced Jay Bruce could homer every single time up the rest of the spring and cure cancer in his spare time and still not make the team. I'm tellin' ya, Dusty needs that speedy leadoff hitter, dude.

Young slugged almost 100 points higher than Patterson; Soriano 200; if anyone thought Corey was good for 30 homers it would help a lot.

I do agree he'll be helpful defensively. Man, the visiting Cub fans are gonna eat him alive though.
That actually is my point, they are not leadoff hitters. SLG is not that meaningful in a leadoff hitter. I was only comparing them as leadoff hitters, and none of the three get on base near enough to be leadoff hitters.

The only thing hopeful about the Patterson signing is that he seemed to play better the second half of the season when he was hitting second. Krivsky told C.Trent that the Reds scout thought that he had really found his stroke then. Maybe the scout is right.