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Wow, a player plays a sport the way most fans love for players to play - 100% all the time - and he's being panned when he announces his retirement. He might not be a top 5 QB, but he sure as hell was a great one and he played with an enthusiasm rarely seen outside elementary school playgrounds, and he can't get any respect here? The NFL needs a hell of a lot more Brett Favre's. He deserves the send off he's getting by the media.
Agree 100%. Very well said.

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I loved him as a player, but am glad to hear he's finally retiring. The whole will he/ wont he act got old every year.
I blame the act more on the media than Brett. He didn't set his team back one bit like many said he would IMO. More was made about the Packers being caught in the middle than was actually true. Just like people claim the media is sensationalizing his retirement, I would argue that the media was sensationalizing his impact on the teams rebuilding process and him leaving the team in a tough position.