With this sudden emergence of Cueto, what do you have as the Reds starting rotation for opening day right now?

Not so much who you WANT it to be but rather who you THINK it will be? Though you can post the former too if you'd like.

I'm going to go with...


That could change, but I just don't see room for Volquez if Cueto is as advertised and I don't see the Reds moving Fogg to long relief (even though I think that'd be the way to go) or the pen. I think Maloney is way out of the picture at this point and I can't imagine Homer is in the rotation come opening day. Affeldt I can't imagine being in there either.

If I could have it my way, I'd move Cueto up to the 4 spot and Volquez at the 5 spot.

To take things further, what do you think happens in 2009? I know a ton can happen in between now and then and it's totally hypothetical. Let's assume that Cueto/Volquez are at or around league average or project to be for 2009. Let's say Belisle's year is around league average as well. Do you think Homer/Maloney get traded? Or Homer comes up from AAA in the pen? Is Belisle released? Someone gets traded? What do you think happens? There are a lot of arms, which is a good thing...but it may be hard to decide what to do with all of them a yaer from now.