As I am sitting here listening to the Reds-Rays game on WLW, I was wondering how everyone sees the Reds roster working itself out. So, I sat down and worked out my roster if I were Dusty Baker and Wayne Krivsky.

Pitchers (13) (always seem to be nice to carry an extra pitcher to begin the year)
SP A. Harang
SP B. Arroyo
SP H. Bailey
SP J. Fogg
SP J. Cueto
RP F. Cordero
RP D. Weathers
RP J. Burton
RP J. Affeldt
RP E. Volquez
RP T. Coffey
RP J. Coutlangus (only because he is the best of the rest of the left-handers)
RP M. Belisle (odd man out of rotation, long reliever to start the year)

Position players (12)
C J. Valentin*
C P. Bako
1B J. Votto*
1B S. Hatteberg
2B B. Phillips*
SS J. Keppinger*
3B E. Encarnacion*
RF K. Griffey, Jr.*
CF J. Bruce*
LF A. Dunn*
CF N. Hopper
CF/Utility R. Freel (if not traded)


C D. Ross
RP B. Bray
SS A. Gonzalez

Send Down to Minors
RP G. Majewski (if he has options left)
RP M. McBeth
CF D. Anderson (if he can clear waivers)

RP M. Stanton
RP S. Valenzuela (sent back to Atlanta Braves)
SS J. Castro

Again this is just my opinion. Let me know what you think.