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I'd like to see Cueto slotted in at 4 and Volquez 5, but I'd take that scenario anyhow.
I think for this team slotting should be more concerned with who these guys are as opposed to how they pitch. Cueto is a 22 year old valuable property who seems to have built his stamina to the point of being able to go 200 innings in 2008. The number of starts he makes is less concerning than how many pitches deep he goes per start IMO. I'd slot him between Harang and Arroyo. It isn't so much that I'm saying he's the number 2 as much as I want Harang and Arroyo who both can go deeper into games with less injury concern pitching the day before and the day after. That should allow the team to err on the side of taking Cueto out an inning too soon versus an inning too late.

I'd slot Belisle 4 and Volquez 5. Belisle can be the "take one for the team" guy allowing Volquez to be babied a little (not needed as much for him at his age as it is for Cueto IMO) with Harang following him.

Fogg is the long reliever that can come in and save the pen so that a bad start today doesn't have to mean pitcher abuse tomorrow. Fogg can also take a turn once in a while to allow the team to push everyone back a day or to allow one of the guys who may be gassed to skip a spot once through the rotation. I think that would set up quite well. Affeldt goes back to being a 1 inning lefty and hopefully fills a huge hole on this team. Bailey gets his 160 inning season of command development in AAA which should allow him to be an asset in 2009.


Fogg spot starting and long relief.

Best rotation since the late 80's, maybe longer.