Realistically, how good can this group of players be? With four players in BA's top 50, it's not hard to see atleast two future all stars out of that. Volquez has proven that he's the real deal. Cueto is possibly the fastest rising prospect in baseball. I don't see why we can't be in the playoffs this year, or next year. Thankfully the ownership and front office have been smart in locking up the core players, like Arroyo, Harang, and Phillips. With any hope they'll lock up Adam Dunn, who is one of the centerpieces of the offense.

So with all of this talent, where do you see the team going in the coming years?
1. Do you think that any of these players are overrated? Will any of them pan out?

2. Will ownership not be able to keep Griffey or Dunn, which would obviously cause a huge drop in offense?

3. Will the team be in the playoffs next year?

4. Will they be able to fit the players in to the short timeframe that all small market teams have to make a run?

Only time will tell which of these players will pan out, and what that means for the team. I can only hope that we keep these prospects, and key players together for the coming years. It's defenitly going to be fun to see what they become.