Now that it seems Cueto and Volquez will be in the rotation I'm compelled to look at how we compare with the Cubs and Brewers. I think we match up very, very well!

I'm assuming Pitt, STL, Hou will all be significantly worse.

Reds vs. Cubs
Harang or Zambrano (call it even)
Arroyo or Lilly (call it even)
Cueto or Hill (call it even - high hopes for Cueto!)
Volquez or Marquis (edge to Volquez)
Fogg/Belisle/Bailey or Dempster/Lieber/Marshall (edge to Reds)

Reds vs. Brewers
Harang or Sheets (call it even - possible edge to Harang for health)
Arroyo or Villanueva (even - possible edge to Villanueva)
Cueto or Suppan (edge to Cueto)
Volquez or Bush (edge to Volquez)
Fogg/Belisle/Bailey or Vargas (Edge to Vargas)

I'm not sure if I've got the Brewers order correct. But I like the Reds rotation better anyway you slice it.