Corey Patterson, CF
Jeff Keppinger, SS
Ken Griffey Jr., RF
Brandon Phillips, 2B
Adam Dunn, LF
Edwin Encarnacion, 3B
Scott Hatteberg, 1B
Javier Valentin, C

The bench
Norris Hopper
Ryan Freel
Juan Castro
Paul Bako
Andy Green

The starting rotation:
Aaron Harang
Bronson Arroyo
Johnny Cueto
Edinson Volquez
Josh Fogg

The bullpen:
Francisco Cordero
David Weathers
Jared Burton
Mike Stanton
Bill Bray
Todd Coffey
Jeremy Affeldt

Fairly close to what I said a bit ago, with a couple glaring issues:

1 - Joey Votto at 1B, Hatte on the Bench. I see absolutely no reason to send Joey to AAA. He's a slow starter, but he still brings more to the position than Hatte. Hatte can play the bench role, so he moves there. Joey can hit later in the lineup until he heats up. IMO, he belongs in the 2-hole, but I'm sure Dusty sees him as a NON-BASE CLOGGER and wants him driving in runs.

2 - Belisle. As much as I've dogged on him, I can't see them sending him to AAA. He'd be good in the bullpen an spot starting. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe he's better off pitching every 5th day in AAA, but I don't see it. I think we go with 13 pitchers as well, given the NON-days off in April, we need more pitchers, early and often.

I also think we're going to have a better option at catcher than Bako. Something is in the works, and he'll be on the roster. I think that means Freel or Hopper is off the team. Having BOTH of those guys on the bench - along with Castro - gives us NO POP at all from their. I think Gil makes the team over Green, just a hunch.

Of course this would be MUCH different if AGON and Ross were healthy, but they aren't. I would hope that Juan F. Castro would not have a job if they were both on the team, but I still might be dreaming.