First of all, before the introductions, so my question won't get lost, does anyone know when and if the Reds will make their 2008 MLB Authentic jersey with the Nuxy patch available? All the other 29 teams have updated their respective Authentics in their stores. The Reds just have the 2007 available. I would like to support the Reds, and a customized authentic would be prety cool, although pretty expensive. The Reds' have the second-most expensive jersey.

Second of all, I am new to this forum, and for some reason, this is about the only forum I can post in. I wasn't able to access the Sun Deck, either. I understand the restrictions on the one, but from what I could gather is Sun Deck available to all?

If all goes well, I think the Reds will be much improved, at 84-78, 2 games behind the Cubs. If the Cubs stumble, it's not inconceivable that the Reds can win. I think Milwaukee took a giant step backward with Gagne. I project them at 77-85.