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We already found out how serious the Reds were winning about this year over the winter.. there were many impact starting pitchers available which the Reds could've gotten, but instead they chose to go with a youth movement.

It's clearly obvious that they aren't going for it this year by design.

If they were going for it this year, they would've kept Hamilton and traded prospects for Haren (or another stud starter).

What they do with Stanton, Mercker and Bray is a minor compared to the opportunites they passed up this offseason.
Keeping Hamilton and going for it are NOT synonymous. The Reds have tried the great offense route. Hasn't worked. Volquez was the right guy at the right time. Young, dominated three levels last year, comes from the AL. That he's cheap is gravy. Cueto pitched his way into the rotation, and ALL he has EVER done is produce at every level. Belisle was pegged to be the #3, and I firmly believe he'll be in the rotation. Fogg was insurance in case one of the three pitching prospects didn't kick the door down. Volquez was always going to be in the rotation.

Trading the Farm for Haren was not going to happen, and shouldn't have. The Reds have had highly rated prospects before, but never so many and at such an advanced level.